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If you want to start up or run a company – here are the activities

Company law
• incorporation, specially form of organisation (in law and tax), conversation and purchase• company and commercial contracts
• mergers & acquisitions, asset deal – share deal
• UN Sales Convention, ROM I, II, distribution law
• credit orders, SLC, bank payment obligation
• corporate litigation

Labour and employment law
• recruitment process, unequal treatment
• around CEO-, employment and fixed-term contracts
• part-time employment
• dismissal, dismissal protection, deadline
• termination pay
• handling with work council

• buying and selling
• contract review
• law of secured transactions
• loan agreements
• tenancy agreement

Inheritance law
• individual person
• families
• companies
• mixed, like company split-up

Taxation (with tax advisers and accountants)
• from foundation over running and ending process
• accounting
• annual accounts and audit
• tax returns
• tax advice

• billing on an hourly basis, for every started 15 minutes, drawn up once a month
• time-based flat rate; a fixed fee is billed per month, irrespective of the actual volume of work during the respective month. The field of service can here be limited (for example to consulting by phone or only in specific jurisdiction)
• according to the german law of fees for lawyers:RVG

Your Jürgen F. Berners
lawyer – special lawyer – mediator

Jürgen F. Berners
Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht
Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht
• Mediator (Universität Hagen)

intern. Wirtschaftsrecht

Experte: StBVV

Fon: 0 86 54 / 77  13 14 – 1
Fax: 0 86 54 / 77  13 14 – 5

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